About Football in Your Life

Football-in-your-life  is a non-profit organisation with the purpose to promote sport, children and youth welfare and to support people in need of care. In the center of our work are sport and education activities with schools and other educational institutions in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

In practice Football-in-your-life is active in the following three areas:

The idea behind Football-in-your-life is to inspire people all over the world with football. The power of football can contribute to work on other social matters playfully. Matters like inclusion, integration, learning the German language, equal opportunities for women and men, bullying and crime prevention, interreligious understanding and the intercultural exchange between people are always integral parts in our projects.
If you have creative ideas for projects and cooperation based on the purposes of Football-in-your-life in Germany or abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can discuss your ideas and think about ways to bring these ideas to life.
Any financial support in monetary form like donations, sponsoring or fundraising is more than welcomed. Our account for donations is the following:
IBAN: DE80 5055 0020 0000 1960 10


Bank: Städtische Sparkasse Offenbach   
For donations with an amount over 200 € we can issue an official donation receipt based on German law.
You can also use our donation button:


Sport-AGs: 55

AG-TN: >1.000

Partnerschulen: 22

Unterrichtseinheiten: 1.027

Workshops: 49


Erreichte Kinder: >2.000 



Sport-AGs: 41

AG-TN: >900

Partnerschulen: 16

Unterrichtseinheiten: 2.250

Workshops: 161


Erreichte Kinder: >4.700 



Sport-AGs: 27

AG-TN: >535

Partnerschulen: 8

Unterrichtseinheiten: 1.432

Workshops: 193


Erreichte Kinder: >4.370