FIYL Football School / Camps

Football school programs for talents, like in Israel 2016 and 2017 or a grassroot football camp, like in a township in South Africa in 2018: in this range ”Football-in-your-life” develops projects for the promotion of football in other countries around the world.
With our big network of experienced male and female coaches from German professional football clubs we can convey the German philosophy and training concepts of German youth football education.
Depending on the requirements of the local partner the football school program can be enhanced by the following elements:
1. Football specific elements:

  • Train-the-Trainer-Module for the education of local coaches in theory and in practice
  • Coach-Mentoring between German and local coaches
  • Training sessions with technical and tactical focuses
  • Player assessment and scouting based on the German football education principles
  • Small tournaments to bring the fun of football to the kids

2. Other interdisciplinary elements:

  • ”Guided Sports Commentary“ as an element of including blind and visual impaired people of the local society into football structures
  • Career Coaching and job education for young male and female coaches (i.e. at the township Diepsloot in South Africa)
  • Mixed Groups promoting the respect of each other, i.e.:
- Girls and boys (equal chances in society)
- Interreligious players (i.e. Jews, Muslims and Christians working and playing together in Israel - professional sport unites)



Sport-AGs: 55

AG-TN: >1.000

Partnerschulen: 22

Unterrichtseinheiten: 2.950

Workshops: 49


Erreichte Kinder: >2.000 



Sport-AGs: 41

AG-TN: >900

Partnerschulen: 16

Unterrichtseinheiten: 2.550

Workshops: 161


Erreichte Kinder: >4.700 



Sport-AGs: 27

AG-TN: >535

Partnerschulen: 8

Unterrichtseinheiten: 1.432

Workshops: 193


Erreichte Kinder: >4.370