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“Coaches4Kids – football for beginners“
Physical and mental health are basic requirements for a positive development of children and adolescents. “Coaches4Kids” stands up for a healthy and active growths of all children. The program also includes elements like respecting each other, fair-play, the strengthening of self-confidence and general prevention of violence.
Caused by a raising number of all-day school programs in many countries the time for pupils staying in school extends over the day. Especially in the afternoon an additional school sport program can be a useful module. External support for these modules by i.e. professional football coaches will be certainly more than welcomed by many schools.
At this point “Coaches4Kids“ comes into play. With a fixed group of professional football coaches including an employed head-coach and further assistant coaches the project offers professional staff to the schools, which can be used for an additional football / sport program of the entire school year. 
The project started successfully in Offenbach am Main / Germany. Since the beginning of the school year 2019/2020 “Coaches4Kids“ takes place regularly. For the future we are planning to get more schools in Offenbach on board and the expansion to other cities and places in Germany is currently planned, too.
More infromation about Coaches4kids Offenbach you can find here.

Participating schools

Primary Schools

  • Friedrich-Ebert-Schule Offenbach
  • Brückenschule Bruchköbel
  • Alexander-Puschkin-Schule Frankfurt

Comprehensive Schools

  • Geschwister-Scholl-Schule Offenbach
  • Schillerschule Offenbach
  • IGS-West Frankfurt

Secondary Schools

  • Leibnischule Offenbach
  • Ziehenschule Frankfurt

Coaches4Kids in numbers

Coaches4Kids in numbers




Participating schools


Number of clubs


Participating students


Number of C4Kids-Lessons























2021/2022 (Stand 06/2022)













Mai 2022

Sport-AGs: 63

Unterrichtseinheiten: 185

Workshops: 45


Erreichte Kinder: >1170 


April 2022

Sport-AGs: 51

Unterrichtseinheiten: 99

Workshops: 17

Erreichte Kinder: >710 


März 2022

Sport-AGs: 77

Unterrichtseinheiten: 237

Workshops: 18

Erreichte Kinder: >945

Februar 2022

Sport-AGs: 33

Unterrichtseinheiten: 79

Workshops: 13

Erreichte Kinder: >580


Januar 2022

Sport-AGs: 47

Unterrichtseinheiten: 137


Erreichte Kinder: >400