Unique Football / Sport experiences

  Guided Sport Commentary (GSC) for blind and visual impaired people / Access for all disabled visitors with tailor-made consulting programs
Football-in-your-life supports sport clubs and other organizers of sport and cultural events, who want to integrate participation of people with a disability in every part of the event and their professional event management process before, during and after the event.
Our focus is always the realization of a unique football, sport and event experience for all visitors. Together with BENA Consulting, a leading consulting company in the GSC and inclusion project sector in Germany, we can offer tailormade consulting packages for every event organizer.

Guided Sports Commentary (GSC)
The Guided Sport Commentary is a tool to give blind visitors the opportunity „to see the sport and/or cultural event with their ears”. GSC is used in professional football by clubs from Bundesliga to the 4th league in Germany as a service for their supporters. Besides, the GSC gives the opportunity to all fans, who are not attending the stadium experience, to follow every match of their team via internet radio all over the world. The GSC is not a normal radio transmission. The GSC is more focused on the ball, the players' movements, the crowd’s reaction and every little detail that happens in real-time. In short words: Every pass is a sentence and the match is the book which is read to the audience.
How can we give you a better understanding of GSC?

  • NEW: Since November 2020 we are presenting  "BENA on Air", a continuous Live-Sport-GSC-Event for blind and visually impaired people via Internet. More information about the schedule you can find here.
  • Our offer for sport clubs and event organizers: 
Test-GSC at your event, directly useable for your visitors and fans
  • Our offer for companies and sponsors: 
GSC-workshop as a qualification tool for your team or for your company event (combination of a team event with a part of self-awareness and a sociable time of theory and practice, i.e. a GSC visit in a football stadium 
  • Our offer for schools:
Special GSC-program for schools to introduce communication and commentary techniques and to sensitise the kids for inclusion matters in society

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Sport-AGs: 55

AG-TN: >1.000

Partnerschulen: 22

Unterrichtseinheiten: 1.027

Workshops: 49


Erreichte Kinder: >2.000 



Sport-AGs: 41

AG-TN: >900

Partnerschulen: 16

Unterrichtseinheiten: 2.250

Workshops: 161


Erreichte Kinder: >4.700 



Sport-AGs: 27

AG-TN: >535

Partnerschulen: 8

Unterrichtseinheiten: 1.432

Workshops: 193


Erreichte Kinder: >4.370